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Transforming the field of Finnish intralogistics.

The Intralogistixx ecosystem is an internationally recognized logistics competence center.
IXX enables its members to strengthen their own company-specific ecosystems to provide more competitive offerings and benefit from digitalization.

What we do

The Intralogistixx ecosystem (IXX) is built on a vision of establishing joint activities among participating organizations, serving as a platform for accelerating internationalization, and transforming the field of intralogistics, thereby becoming a leading authority in intralogistics.

The IXX ecosystem supports the transformation of the industry by designing demonstrations, forming new partnerships, and developing capabilities. These activities will address comprehensive industrial logistics, customer-oriented trade, and forming a digital cooperation platform to respond to the needs of the increasingly fast-paced field of intralogistics.

The formation of the ecosystem is supported by Rocla Solutions together with Synocus Group, which is overseeing the development of an enduring Intralogistixx community, with financial support from Business Finland’s INKA ecosystem funding.

Our Mission

The Intralogistixx ecosystem is an internationally recognized logistics competence center, enabling its members to strengthen their own company-specific ecosystems to provide more competitive offerings and benefit from digitalization to increase process efficiency.


  • Providing the possibility to speed up the pace of developing offerings and innovations in the field.
  • Strengthening the ecosystems of the participating companies.
  • Addressing emergent market and customer requirements, demanding increasingly systemic, adaptable, and sustainable solutions.
  • Rapidly piloting technologies and business models to speed up innovation and generate profitable growth.
  • Catalyzing the internationalization of member companies.


Advanced solutions

Advanced solutions

By 2020, a parallel R&D project portfolio has been established to implement the ecosystem road map and identified the growth potential, of at least five projects. Innovation projects leverage cross-sectoral collaborations with customers and emerging technology fields.

Increasing speed

Increasing speed

Ecosystem partners can learn about new needs in the marketplace more quickly, address these needs through pilots and demonstrations, and engage external partners that will speed up change and improve innovativeness. The speed of intralogistics processes and delivery projects are improved.

Expert status

Expert status

By 2020, the Intralogistixx ecosystem has the reputation of a leading authority driving the efficiency of intralogistics in the region. It has established intralogistics as a discipline in its own right through academic research and the orchestrated ecosystem.

Export revenues

Export revenues

By 2020, the Intralogistixx ecosystem has generated more than €100M in new export revenues.

Successful ecosystem

Successful ecosystem

By 2020, the Intralogistixx ecosystem development project has successfully fulfilled its goals, and the ecosystem continues as a market-driven community through the Intralogistixx platform.


The Intralogistixx ecosystem welcomes participating organizations from business, government, and research who have an interest in contributing to the development of future intralogistics solutions.

Anchor organizations

The anchors establish the rules of the ecosystem and steer its development through the Advisory Group. They support the piloting and research activities through a higher annual fee than that contributed by Members.

Member organizations

The members participate actively in the execution of one or several work packages in the project and carry out own development work to strengthen the ecosystem. Members support the financing of the ecosystem activities through an annual fee lower than the one of Anchor organizations.

Observer organizations

Observers are interested in following how the ecosystem evolves e.g. by participating in open workshops relating to the project. They do not participate in the financing of the program, but an Observer organization may join the community as a Member at a later point.

Interested in joining Intralogistixx?

Together, ecosystem members establish the rules of the ecosystem and steer the development through an open and trustful collaboration. Some of the members become anchor organizations and start to drive their own focus areas within the ecosystem.
Let us know you're interested and we'll get back to you!